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"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." 

I am glad you are reading this, because if you are, it means that you are interested in making a difference in your life and someone else life. We can all help in many different ways it all starts with one act of kindness and you can make a difference everyday.

  • GIVE A WARM SMILE- No matter what language you speck a smile is universal. When a person receives  a genuine smile when they're feeling down it can make them feel like they're not alone.
  • Listen - Sometimes words aren't needed, everyone needs to be able to get stuff off their chest without feeling judged. Giving someone an ear can make all the difference
  • Compliment-  If you're giving or receiving a compliment and really allow yourself to mean it or inhale it, it can be powerful enough to transform your feelings.
  • Volunteer- Giving back to the community is a great feeling for you and the people you are helping. Volunteering gives you a sense of pride, happiness and accomplishment. It gives the people you're helping a sense of hope, love and thankfulness.
  • Donate- When someone hear donate their mind goes straight to money; but you can donate just about anything. If someone has a need for something you can donate it no matter how small or big everything is appreciated.

So don't forget to smile at that person that seating across from you, you never know whats going on in their life and that smile can change their day.  Listen to that people whether you know them or not. I can't tell you how many times I have seat by a stranger and by the time I got up I've know their life story. Sometimes it's easier for people to talk to a stranger. Compliments no matter how small they can have the biggest impact. Let someone at work or school know they are doing a great job, tell someone you like their outfit or hair, even compliment yourself. I know it might sound silly but sometimes you have to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are strong, smart and kind. Volunteer and donate helping other brings you and the other person joy. Volunteering isn't just about the other person it's about you too. 



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