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WDKX Book Bag Drive, 2014WDKX Book Bag Drive, 2014The volunteers at I AM ISIAH spend a lot of time out in the community. We take every opportunity to talk to families about depression, mental illness and suicide. We encourage parents to talk to their children, children to talk to their parents, and friends to talk to each other. We refer people in need to local agencies that can help them alleviate the problems in their lives that lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Table Event Rochester 2015Suicide Table Event Rochester 2015

Jordan Health Center Table Event 2016Jordan Health Center Table Event 2016

School Without Walls Suicide Presentation 2016School Without Walls Suicide Presentation 2016

Super Hero Awards banquet
2015Super Hero Awards banquet 2015



 I AM ISIAH has volunteered for 2 clean sweeps in Rochester. Cleaning up the city makes people feel good about where they live. It also shows people how they can make a difference. In 2014, we did our own clean sweep on Hudson Avenue. Helping people take pride in their community makes everyone feel good!

On January 15, 2015 I AM ISIAH received a "Super Hero Award" from the City of Rochester, NY.  It was the "Captain Battery Award" We were recognized for outstanding efforts to build assets for healthy youth and families in our community.