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Dear Isiah,

To lose someone you love with all your heart brings a pain like no other and there’s no words to ease that pain. On March 11, 2013 we lost you someone dear to our hearts. Your smile could brighten up a room, your laugh was contagious and your heart was as big as the sun. Today we lost a piece of our self, no matter how much time has pass it never gets easier knowing you're no longer here. But all those wonderful memories you left us we will always hold near. We know we can no longer see or hear you, but we know you're always by our side. You're the wind that shakes the trees telling us you loves us. The sun that hits our cheek giving us a kiss and the cool breeze that wraps around us giving us a hug. Till the day we meet again we love you and miss you Isiah.


Your Family and Friends