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The Holidays are quickly approaching and I Am ISIAH Suicide Awareness and Prevention will be out in the community, helping to alleviate the stresses that daily life can bring to struggling families. We are currently having a Toy Drive in collaboration with ACES Community Organization & Carmichael &Reed Monument Co. To gather gifts for local children in need. We will distribute these toys to local families that have signed up for the “Tree of Hope” at our 2nd Annual Kids Christmas Holiday Party on December 23, 2017.
The Rewards

We are looking forward to this year’s Christmas Party! We take an empty Gym and turn it into An Amazing Event! Just the joy of seeing these little children’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree is the best reward. “You can literally fill the Christmas Spirit in the room” (quoted one parent).It’s a free event and the children get to visit Santa. They also get to participate in fun activities such as Elf’s workshops (decorating stockings, making ornaments and taking pictures with Santa). There will be food served to the kids by the Elves (Santa’s Helpers). At the end of the evening, each child will go home with toy for them to open on Christmas Day.
Become a part of this special event today! If you are interested, please sponsor a child or a local family from the “Tree of Hope”. For more detailed information contact the office.
About Us

I AM ISIAH Suicide Awareness and Prevention is a non-profit organization based out of Rochester NY. Our main goals are to educate the community on depression, mental illness and suicide, and to educate people on what to do if they suspect someone is suicidal.

I AM ISIAH do age appropriate presentations on depression and mental illness in local schools. Every day in the United States over 5,400 teens in grades 7-12 attempt suicide. We spread the awareness to children in these grades that suicide in not the answer and educate them on the warning signs of depression and suicide. Talking to parents about their children’s mental health is another objective of I AM ISIAH. Too often, parents dismiss a child’s action as “acting out” or attention seeking”. Four out of five teens who attempt or complete, have given clear, obvious signs.

I AM ISIAH also do presentations at nursing homes for the elderly, their caregivers and their families. Elderly suicide is a very serious problem. Although the elderly (age 65 and older) comprise about 13% of the U.S. population, they account for over 18% of all suicides. Feeling of isolation, sadness and depression are common as our lives change as we age.
To learn more about our organization and upcoming events, please visit us on our website at help us help others!

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In Collaboration

Mark & Sandy Hansen,

After son’s suicide, couple collects toys for children at area’s shelters and local families in need during the holidays.

The pain of losing a child is unimaginable. Mark and Sandy who resides in Warsaw know it too well, after losing their son Shane to suicide in 2014. So we are heartened by the response to a community toy drive they’ve in collaboration with I.A.I., to benefit children in need.

“We’re nothing short of speechless actually,” Mark said. It’s unbelievable how this all (came together). That’s what we are trying to do in Shane’s name, and we’re also trying to get awareness in his memory. We feel that’s part of his purpose. Since our son’s death we have been participated in suicide awareness and prevention projects throughout the Western New York area, including The I AM ISIAH Toy Drive.

Why do we give?

Sandy wanted to do something in our son’s (Shane Hansen) honor with toys. We both agree it’s been nothing short of miraculous how many people donate. It makes you speechless when you know how nice people are.

At I AM ISIAH we offer classes such as Safe Talk and Asist Training at our office on University Avenue, and we also have a referral program to ensure people that are struggling with mental illness get help. I AM ISIAH offer presentations for school-age children, parents, nursing homes and other organizations to better understand the warning signs of depression and suicidal thoughts

The ACES Family

How does it feel to give?

Aces Community Organization is excited to be a part of this year collaboration with I AM ISIAH. Our organization does a lot in the Rochester Community all year round. We look at this event (as many others) as “Paying It Forward”

Edward & Cynthia Caldwell the founders of “ACES” say’s; It’s humbling to be able to give back to the community that you grew up in. Raising awareness about mental illness has always been needed. However, it’s more prevalent now than ever. That’s why we and are volunteers support the cause.

 ACES being an outreach organization, we can’t imagine how many children will awaken on Christmas morning to find there are no presents under the tree for him/her. That’s why it feel so good to be able to not only give, but put a HUGE Smile on as many kids faces as we can.

ACES Community Organization

(585) 287-5691